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Narration: But 70% of people actually have this gene, so just because you have it doesn’t mean you’ll become anorexic. This isn’t going to lead to an anorexia test. What’s really exciting scientists is that this Noradrenaline gene could finally help them understand what goes so wrong inside the anorexic brain.

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You can plan your meals a month in advance. Get ahead. Cut up fruits and veggies at the first of the week. 7: Fight the Itch (Infection) With FruitCitrus fruits are naturally anti itch and anti bacterial, which makes them perfect for bug bites. If you have a lemon or an orange, squeeze the juice onto the bitten area or even rub it with the peel. It may burn a little bit (lemon juice on a cut?!) but after the initial jolt, you should feel celine handbags uk outlet the itchiness start to taper off.